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You certainly need these softwares. These are absolutely FREE, FREE and FREE. These software will certainly be entertaining, helpful, useful in some way or other, will remind you to wish and a number events that can not be elaborated here.

We try to give you some information about each of these FREE softwares:

FULL Package, FREE Download, File size 2116KB, 10000 year HIJRI Calendar with Arabic & English fonts. Full Package consists this file alongwith common 'Supporting program files' (See above). Simultaneous display of selected date in Hijri and Gregorian system of calendars. It can also be used to convert Hijri dates into Gregorian and vice versa. The Date Conversion Range is from 1 Muharram 1 AH to 30th Jumadis-sani 20874 AH correspondingly from 16th July 622 AD to 30th May 20874. 


YOU CAN WIN THIS GAME Version 1.00 is a game of two players. In this game a series of 20 numbers are arranged in a circular order. Both the players will hit (10 times each) any one of the 20 numbers so arranged. At the end of 10th attempt (by each player) the game will over and the WINning Player will be declared.


MAEN GAAUN TUM SO JAAO - A very specific software which can be used to listen music or recitation from the glorious Quran or any other audio before going to bed at night or some other time with a direction to close the windows OS on completion of the given task.


Beautiful desktop utility program. Register your Anniversary dates through this Registration Software and let the softwares below remind/ wish you on every occasion.

Happy Birthday program. If installed, will wish respective persons on their Birthdays.

Happy Wedding Anniversary program. If installed, will wish respective couples on their Wedding Anniversaries.

Death Anniversary program. If installed, will play any number of audio files of respective religion on the registered dates.

VB Codes of the Game, HCF, LCM & Factorization can be Downloaded from here (Click left side icon). 
LCM (Lowest Common Multiple) and HCF (Highest Common Factor) are two mathematical operations in general use and are taught in schools. However, these operations are practically required and used in several mathematical, statistical and scientific studies. A small game of Guess & Hit has been included for kids. To download the executable file move up and Click the related Icon.
Download File Sizes: Program: 63 kB     VB Codes: 89 kB (learn how to write & develop a program).


Calculate loan interests, EMI, period etc. by compounding daily, monthly, quarterly, annually. 


Download Full Package of PC Voice Alarm, File size 2787 KB. For those who concentrate deep during some work on a PC are nearby. Just set the time and get free. A number of alarm sounds have been provided with a facility to add your own voice.


HAYYA ALAS SALAAH- This software is for those who keep themselves busy in day to day work, sometimes forget to offer prayer/ joint prayer (Jama’at) or some very important matters in time. This particular software is especially meant for them.


FILE FOLDER LISTING - This small software has been designed to create lists of Folders, Sub-Folders, Filenames, Sub-Folder paths, FilePaths of a CD/ DVD/ Hard Drive/ Folder and save the resulting lists. It is also useful to Locate and/or Run a file, folder or sub-folder just by clicking on the displayed list. Number of items in the list is limited to integer value i.e. 65536. However, if number of files is more than this, our other version of File Folder Listing can be used where displayed list may be as large as 1048576.


Download Full Package of Abjad Number Software. ABJAD Numbers are the base of renowned numbers like 786, 92 etc. normally used by Muslims for Bismillah-ar-Rahmaan-ar -Raheem & Mohammad (pbh). In addition of these there are several mysteries of these numbers and are also followed in English (ABCD) as well as by Jews (Aleph, Beth, Jemeth, Daleth) etc.



(Important: SofexIndia can provide you CD containing all FULL PACKAGES of their PRODUCTS, mentioned here in the Home-Page, for Evaluation of non-freeware products also. Further, REGISTRATION will require a Registration Code only that can be made available over phone or e-mail or any other communication media, after necessary formalities. Cost of complete CD as above is Rs. 600/= four hundred (US $25/= for countries other than India), including packaging, courier/ postal charges etc.).


The following Animation/ Font files required by the FREE SOFTWARE may be downloaded, if not supplied with the package or have corrupted:


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This is a world Class Islamic Inheritance (Meeras) Calculator Software

Contact WIRASAT developers for Inheritance related information, software solutions from WIRASAT software etc. WIRASAT software deals with distribution of a deceased's property among his/ her heirs.

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